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iCalendar, Google Calendar, CalDAV, and friends
·669 words·4 mins
Ever wondered if it’s possible to link to a Google Suite Calendar that isn’t your default account calendar? Let’s find out!
What is GC? How does it work in JVM?
·1546 words·8 mins
Tuning Garbage Collection on Minecraft servers is something of an arcane art that few people seem to understand at a fundamental level. Let’s remedy that. We’ll start at fundamentals of GC, the JVM, and use that to form the foundations of our GC choice and how we tune it.


The Redemption of Slirp and Snapshotter
·1344 words·7 mins
Part two in our journey of getting rootless containers working on Alpine. Join us as we fix slirp and our snapshotter.
Rootless Containers on Alpine
··3429 words·17 mins
We recently murdered a server’s terminal via do_distro_upgrade, and thought it’d be a good time to learn more about containers and Alpine.
Speccing Out A New Home Server
··2127 words·10 mins
We’ve wanted to build a home lab for a long time. Here’s how it went.